PTL specialises in designing and manufacturing innovative chocolate and bar machinery.

A fresh approach to chocolate and bar machinery

PTL was founded with a clear objective: to create high-quality machinery focused on simplifying operations and improving efficiency. We collaborate with our customers to ensure that our chocolate and bar machinery meets their needs.


An opportunity realised through hands-on experience

Jim and Mary Halliday founded PTL in 1988. Prior to forming PTL Jim worked as the chief engineer in a chocolate factory, designing and maintaining chocolate machinery. It was from this hands-on experience, in both machinery design and chocolate processing, that Jim saw an opportunity in the market.


Creating innovative machinery, together

PTL works closely with its customers and since day one our focus has been on our customers. When our customers tell us what they need, we listen. Our machinery is easy to operate and maintain, with fast and simple cleaning and changeovers. With an inherent drive to innovate, we specialise in evolving designs and technology.


A long-term partnership

Our objective is to work closely with our customers, deliver effective solutions and build long-term partnerships. We promise a personal approach where you deal directly with the people at the heart of the business.




See some of our team in action below. We are a passionate group who take pride in what we do, stand by our product and respond quickly to the needs of our customers.





At PTL our approach to collaborative design is about working together with our customers to design and deliver machinery and experiences that delight our users.

Our design approach begins with our customers and their needs and embraces fit-for-purpose functionality and aesthetics, along with innovative ideas and solutions. When we creatively integrate these and apply them to our customers' machinery, we get amazing results.

Our design team are experts in machinery and have extensive technical knowledge of bar and chocolate manufacturing trends. This, combined with our extensive experience and valuable long-term relationships with our customers, enables us to offer advice on and insight into how to design finished equipment and machinery solutions that fit their needs.


At PTL we believe the best results come from collaborative design. Together we can do amazing things.

We are often asked...




Well, almost 30 years ago the company was founded as Production Techniques Ltd, and while this name may still represent our offering it doesn't quite flow off the tongue as well as PTL. So we go by PTL, a name known and trusted by our customers for close to three decades.

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