• Forming rollers form a sheet of food product - whether it is muesli/granola, cereal, protein, rice-crispie, caramel or confectionery

  • The units large-diameter stainless-steel rollers can be heated or cooled, and there are individual variable-speed and temperature controls as the product requires

  • Units can have manual or optional servo adjustment on slab thickness

  • Automatic weigh-scale feature: If the servo model is chosen, the slab weight can be controlled by PTL down-line weigh scales, with automatic feedback to the former
forming rollers


  • Sizing rollers set the height and compaction of the product after forming
  • The units have manual or optional servo height adjustments
  • They are available in stainless-steel and HDPE depending on application and preference
  • In addition to smooth rollers, various profile shapes can be achieved
Sizing rollers (gauging rollers)


  • Layering rollers apply layers of caramel, fruit paste or similar product onto  product slabs in a controlled manner
  • They are designed to produce layers in either direction, i.e. roller side up or down
  • The rollers enable high-accuracy adjustments on sheet thickness
  • They can be easily mounted over existing lines. The cooling drum has inlet and outlet for temperature-controlled cooling glycol
layering rollers


  • Sprinklers apply coatings of nuts, chocolate chips or similar free-flowing products onto the product slabs, using simple-to-control feeding devices
  • PTL can supply a belt-type sprinkler or cavity-roller-type sprinkler depending on the application and inclusions
  • The cantilevered design enables the unit to be moved to different sections of the forming area to provide flexibility
sprinklers apply coatings of nuts, chocolate chips or similar


  • The picker is mounted after the feeder sprinkler on top of the forming table
  • It is used to mix dry ingredients (chocolate chips) that have been sprinkled on top of the slab into the slab using pins with gaps


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